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Cannes is a destination that is in global competition; the city must offer visitors and local clientele only the very best.
This is the rationale behind this quality approach, part of the will of the City of Cannes, through its proxy the Palais des Festivals & des Congrès (Festival Hall), to guarantee the level of services of all tourism professionals for the constant satisfaction of the destination’s customers.

Thus, the objectives of the City and the professionals having signed the Charter are to:
  • Give the destination of Cannes an image as a European and global reference, for both business and leisure tourism.
  • Renew customers’ confidence through an offering of reliable quality services by professional players.

This charter is an approach that is not imposed, applicable on a voluntary basis, in the context of which each member establishment agrees to respect requirements in terms of the quality of service and prices on the one hand, and ethical rules on the other. The Conseil du Tourisme Cannois (Cannes Tourism Council), which includes representatives of the City, the Palais des Festivals & des Congrès and the trade unions (syndicats) concerned shall be responsible for monitoring respect of these commitments by professionals.

This charter is based on the following principles, which make up the signatories’ three reference values:


  • Sustainable guarantee of quality service and reliable prices, to provide the best possible quality-price ratio.


  • Custom hospitality, recognizing customers, thereby adapting the offer through exclusive service.


  • Assertion of the pleasure of welcoming and greeting visitors in Cannes.
  • Commitment to providing pleasure, through the services offered, to customers to make their stay in Cannes particularly pleasant.

  • Hospitality with a smile: The pleasure of hospitality, giving pleasure through thoughtful service, participating in the pleasure of the customers’ stay.
  • Tasty Food: Giving pleasure through thoughtful service and tasty fare.
  • Friendly Ambiance: Offering a warm setting and friendly atmosphere.
  • Bills with no surprises: Guaranteeing a quality-price ratio and ensuring stability of prices.

In keeping with these principles, very concrete specific commitments are expected of professionals to guarantee quality service in each establishment and contribute to collective dynamics.

The City, as instigator of this dynamic, wishes for member professionals to become the ambassadors of the destination of Cannes, by presenting the City’s different sights, activities and events, current or future, to all visitors, thereby contributing to its renown and thus to its appeal.

At the same time, this Charter is a tool to help service providers enhance their know-how and professionalism.
For the professionals signing the Charter, the stakes of this approach are as follows:

  • Developing their clientele by improving satisfaction, reinforcing confidence and differentiating themselves from the competition.
  • Obtaining recognition for their professionalism.